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DP CREDIT RATING is specifically developed to equip corporate and credit professionals with a credit management tool that was modelled for the application and needs of the Singapore credit management market.

"Since 2008, the Building and Construction Authority has adopted a credit rating system to serve as a supplementary indicator of the financial standing of the larger construction firms in its Contractors Registration System"

"Private Educational Institutions (PEIs) are required to submit a credit rating report which is completed less than 3 months prior to EduTrust application, and on an annual basis to CPE. A minimum credit rating as assessed by DP Information Group is required for participating in the EduTrust Certification Scheme." Ministry of Education, Singapore (October 2009)

DP Credit Rating
Before you decide on whether to extend financing or credit terms to a company, you must first determine if the prospective entity will be able to meet its obligations.

Industry Rating Distribution
Commerce Wholesale
Transport / Storage

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