Singapore 1000 Singapore SME 1000 SG50 Tribute Edition

2015 marks a significant milestone for Singapore as we celebrate our nation’s golden jubilee. It is only with valuable trade partners, sustainable corporations and a united people that Singapore is able to have come this far. 

As Singapore’s veteran credit and business information bureau, DP Information Group (DP Info) has worked with 50 companies to produce an exclusive publication, the Singapore 1000 & SME 1000 Tribute Edition (S1000 SG50 Tribute Edition), in acknowledgement of the business community’s tremendous contributions to the country’s economy. 

The tribute edition honours 50 companies that have played a part in shaping Singapore into the economic powerhouse it is today, profiling the respective companies’ roots and heritage. “The Living Economy”, as the theme of the publication, will tell the story of Singapore’s nation building through the stories of these companies and snippets of how the country’s economy has evolved over the 50 years from its beginnings as a small entrepot.

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