The Singapore 1000 Club (S1000 Club) is a cooperative platform and community comprising of the top Singapore Corporations and SMEs, based on their annual financial performance. The majority of the members are current past or present ranked companies from the following corporate rankings:

  • Singapore 1000
  • Singapore SME 1000
  • Singapore International 100
  • Fastest Growing 50

The performance of these ranked companies has a significant impact on Singapore’s economy. Although there are more than 300,000 business establishments in Singapore, the state of our economy is very much dependent on the performance of these 4,300 top performing companies identified annually by DP Info.

As a professional platform building interaction and relationships, the S1000 Club becomes the central voice of Singapore businesses, bringing together a strong fellowship of more than 5,000 companies represented by 15,000 members. These are middle-level and senior level executives from the major companies (public listed and private limited companies) as well as leading SMEs.