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About SBF - DP SME Index
DP Info Group partners with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) since 2009 to conduct quarterly studies on business sentiments amongst Singapore SMEs. Objective of the index is to provide a 6-month outlook of the SME Community in relation to external economic conditions and activities.

The SBF-DP SME index uses a weighted approach that balances qualitative and quantitative measures. The quantitative components track movements in SME's expectations on various important business aspects, including turnover, profitability and capacity utilization etc.

Over the years, SBF-DP Index has become the definitive and insightful forward-looking measure of SME sentiments.

Considering more than 90% of corporations in Singapore belong to the SMEs community, such insights serve as a strong prediction of the local economic performance and any impending strategies SMEs are looking at.

Leveraging on DP's strengths in analytics, SME index goes beyond a typical study on SME sentiments. Over the years, DP has been value-adding the index through tracking and drawing trends of the business sentiments in relation to broader economic and industry conditions.

DP further segment the index into 6 industries to draw deeper insights on the confidence level and concerns each industry faced so as to facilitate and build a highly dynamic relationship between the government and the industries.

Are you an SME?
If you are, you can participate in our next SME Index Survey and receive a complimentary copy of the next quarter report. We would like to hear your business sentiments for the next 6 months.
Please contact us at +65 6507 2314 or email Company Name, Contact Person and your Contact Number to research@dpgroup.com.sg and we will get back to you soonest.

Latest Index - 1Q19 – 2Q19F (January 2019 to June 2019)

Outlook for 1Q19 – 2Q19F (January 2019 to June 2019) (A) Turnover Expectations (B) Profitability Expectations (C) Business Expansion Expectations (D) Capital Investment Expectations (E) Hiring Expectations (F) Capacity Utilisation Expectations (G) Access To Financing Expectations
Please contact us at 6320 1900 or cs@dpgroup.com.sg for any enquiries or to request for past quarter reports.
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